The LIving art project

The Living Art project by Skid Robot is an artistic movement that seeks to solve the social issue of homelessness through the power of art and design. The mission is raise the funds to purchase vacant lots zoned for housing and to use pre-fabricated container homes to provide shelter to the homeless. The housing units would be painted with murals by artists from all over the world turning each container into a work of art. Art can change a human’s perception of reality, and with this, we can change the world we live in.

A Humanitarian crisis

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles lays a severe humanitarian crisis apathetically known as "Skid Row". Skid Row is a 54-block area home to the nation's largest concentration of homeless people. Everyday, thousands of people  sleep on the sidewalk in conditions that are nothing short of uncivilized. It is socially irresponsible  for the elected officials to ignore this public health hazard any longer. This is a disturbing reality that society collectively must take action against to change... The big question is, how?! How do we house 44,000 people? Who do we provide shelter for first?Where do we place them? What is the most realistic housing solution? When can we start  doing something about it?


Our mission is to solve the homeless crisis in Los Angeles starting with unsheltered families and veterans first. By utilizing the data provided by Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority we can determine the exact cost to provide housing for both groups of people.

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A Humanitarian crisis


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